Zelda .. Flapper Wedding Dress


1920s-flapper-wedding-dress flapper-wedding-dress-and-shoes flapper-wedding-dress-with-pearls fringy-flapper-wedding-dress

Going back to our roots this spring.  As some of you know we originally started our business creating fashions from reloved and upcycled fabrics and garments.  This spring we are bringing giving in to our yen for our first love to bring in some newly created clothing designs.  This dress is completely hand made from repurposed silk, satin, lace and cotton fabrics.  We created the skirt to mimic layers of feathers from the drop waist to the fringy hem.

The top of the dress includes vintage lace from various eras from the 1890's to the 1960's and some well-chosen modern pieces that are in keeping with the vintage era of the 1920's.

This dress is a size medium.  It is unstructured so should fit a US size 8 to 10.

This dress ties at the shoulders and has a wide chiffon sash at the with a rhinestone and beaded art deco motif in the center.


Price: $325.00


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