Dare to be Fearless .. beaded evening bag


IMG_5372 Fearless Beaded Bag fearless beaded bag 2 Fearless beaded bag 3 fearless beaded bag 6 fearless beaded bag 5 fearless beaded bag 4

Dare 2 B Fearless NOW... this is an amazing unique beaded bag with a message.  We've covered the front of the bag with all sorts of beautiful, fun and colorful beads, sequins, pearls, trinkets and pieces of vintage jewelry set into a mosaic pattern.  The center features a portrait painted by the 19th Century French artist, William Bouguereau.

The back of the bag has an inspirational message.  The bag measures 7 X 3 X 2 inches.

The handle also includes gorgeous colorful beads.


Price: $275.00


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