Delivery & Returns




Every design is individually made so we need a bit of time for production.  At the moment we are asking for around 4 to 5 weeks but we sometimes need a bit longer in our busier seasons. We can usually accommodate a RUSH ORDER if you will contact us in advance for the first available finishing date.

We will ship via USPS Priority mail so you should receive your shipment within 2 to 3 days in the US and within 5 to 7 days in most other countries.  All our jewelry and accessory items ship FREE Worldwide.




Our first priority is to provide our customers with their perfect pair of shoes for their wedding or other important event . We make every effort to ensure you are happy with your purchase. Most of our designs are custom-made or made-to-order items. Since there is a great deal of time and expense invested in creating these products we cannot accept returns for a refund, but we will do what we can to overcome any problems you may have with your purchase.


We take every step possible to ensure we get the size right for you so that you will be happy with the fit.  Customers in the US can request that we send them the shoes to try on before we start working on them.  After you place the order with us we will send you the shoes in the size you ordered and if that size is not a good fit you can ask for the next size or half larger or smaller and we will make your design with that size instead of the original size ordered.


We will pay for the delivery cost to send the “Try-on” pair if you will pay to return them.  We feel it is fair to share the expense of having you try them on because it is as important to us as it is to you to be sure your specially made shoes and accessories are a good fit.