Tess Harriss has been designing clothing and accessories ever since she can remember. After working many years in the Chicago area’s fashion industry, she met her own perfect match in life and business. After marrying David, an Englishman, the couple moved to the UK in 2003 where they began to delve further into Tess’ passion to create by starting her own signature shoe design business. With Tess’ attention to detail and creativity and David’s business sense, along with their combined hard work ethics, the business has grown. Recently, the couple made the decision to relocate back to the United States where Tess’ hometown has given her a renewed appreciation for finding the smallest details to blend with her vast knowledge of high fashion, to craft an accessory just as memorable as the event itself.

Tess’ devotion to a personalized experience is one of her driving forces. She always invites her clients to send her something personal and meaningful to incorporate into the final design. Several brides have sent her a piece of lace from their mother’s wedding gown or some heirloom buttons that belonged to their grandmother. Others have sent handwritten messages from loved ones or images that hold special meaning for them.

Pageant title-holders have chosen to send images or sayings that are representative of the platform or cause that is most important to them. Tess is able to take these very personal inspirations to create an exclusive accessory to compliment the title-holder’s passion.

Still, another large client base comes from individuals that have requested digital image designer shoes based on their own favorite films, literature or even a hobby or stylistic taste. Some themes that she has created have been based on the Wizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind, Alice in Wonderland, and even tattoo designs, bold color combinations or favorite characters such as Hello Kitty. The possibilities are endless.

What is your dream shoe? If you can imagine it, Tess Harriss will bring it to life! Get started now by scheduling a one-on-one consultation here.